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Alexandre Fallon, was born in Quebec, Canada. He introduce the guitar at the age of 13. He put all is energy and devotion into music. During his high school’s study, he spent all of his free time experimenting with the acoustic side of music which shaped his practice sessions along the way.

Then his efforts brought him to push his knowledge in a music programm at the College of Drummondville in Canada. It's at this school that he will thoroughly investigate the complexity of the jazz . On the other hand, he spent a lot of time practicing blues, rock, pop, fusion-jazz, latin, classical and even a quite a bit of tango!

Once he finished his college studies, he spent 2 years travelling and working for Carnival Cruise Lines. This work provided him great performance opportunities playing thousands of shows. Besides giving him the chance to put his academic achievements into a professional context, it gave him the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and lern other languages.

In September 2016, Alexandre settle down in Winnipeg, where he start to build a musician network. He presently work at the Louis Riel School Division.


When he comes back in Québec city in April 2017, Alexandre gives a huge step to his carrer as a musician. He creates and participates to a lot of musical groups.

But more projects will be coming soon …

A. Fallon - compo : Martijn Van Iterson
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